This is a selection out of the notebooks 2000-2001 of A.C.Swart-Konijn (1917 – 2001) living in Alkmaar, 10 km. from the North-Seacost of North Holland.
Where the serie: "Weather is my mother" is based on.

Fryday 20th of October.
Picking up a flu-prick at Dr. Zandstra. Going with bus 11 and back again at 1 o’clock. At home 2 o’clock. It became still rather pretty weather. De laundry dried. Neighbour, woman next door, put in curlers in my hair. Cooked soup. The sisters are out with each other in Amsterdam. Very nice weather, 18 º.

Tuesday 24th October.
Gre came to visit me. Today calling Truus de Jong and the Public Transport Taxi was at about 3 o’clock at Truus’. With her sun to Hoensbroek. Herman Blom’s wife had her birthday. We stayed about 1 hour, because at about 5 the taxi came to pick me up again at Hugo Oords’. Half 6 home again.

Thursday 2nd. November.
At 9 o’clock already shopping. Go in the afternoon with the Public Transport to Moon in Oldenburgh at half 2, I went with her to the "Bingo". She won two prices: eel and chocolate. Oh....! I myself had also eel. At a quater past 6 late at home. A lot of rain.

Saturday, 4th. November.
I would have go for shopping, but it became dark. At eleven a havy shower, so I didn’t go and stayed at home and a lot of rain came.

Sunday, 21st January.
Stayed at home. The sun came also a few hours, but in the evening it snowed. Then it was dark.

Monday 22nd. January.
Its going to thaw, but slithery outside. I may not go to the Bingo from neighbour, so: "stay at home Antje, it ‘s to slippery to walk!".

Wednesday 24th January.
The snow is away. Tina came with her own car to me. We picked up the shoppings from C-1000. Nice! Everything at home. She is a good driver.

Saturday, 3th Februar.
Kees and Yori came to visit. There was snow. It stayed, so that ment: "home" and I rested. In time to bed. Later very slippery.

Wednesday, 21st Februar.
Going slowly; embroidered and red.(I have red)

Thursday 15th March.
In the morning Rob came on his bicycle; made my front and back-garden in pritty order. Put violets in it. Beautiful weather, nice!

Wednesday, 21st March.
Cold weather. Claired away at home. Everything must away! Snow in the afternoon and it was beautiful; my fir-tree a christmastree with dots/amounts of snow! There was fallen 5 to 5 cm here and in the evening it already went, but Thursday 22nd March, the snow was still there! Mercury is going 4 to 6 grades. "It is spring! they say". Thus awaiting. Also I picked up milk. Visitors are coming. It’s now about 2 o’clock. Dieny and Alie Prins. Cosy talking. At 5 o’clock, with bus 11, they went home again.

Fryday 23th March.
Nearly the hole day rain. The mouth and foot disease now is also in the Netherlands. At 4 farmers in the east of the country, all the cattle is finishing off, is going to the distruction-factory and get burned. Hopeless!

Fryday 6th April.
The pillow of Corrie is finished and the socks of Mark and Mees also. Ton came to visit at 2 o’clock. Now still wrapping and bringing it.

Wednesday, 11th April.
Birthday of Edwin. Ria came to drink coffee, after that she went to Annelys in Amsterdam. She brought selfmade coockies. Nice! In the afternoon I repaired Neighbours Jacket. I was not finished quickly, it took 4 hours. Totaly clear weather, later well fresh wind.

Sunday 29th April.
Gone to church with Jan Buren. In the Afternoon with a taxi to Wim and Elly. After that to Bernard and Annemiek. Seen( newborn) Jasper, a beautiful child! Guest at Elly‘s. Home again at about haf past ten.

Sunday 20th may.
Gone to church with Buren at 10.30. The hole day sun, but a fresh wind, 15 º. It is totaly silent, no telephone or somebody came. Yesterday just called Jos, he was on a motorcycle, went out for a few days with others.

Saturday 26th may.
Sister Guurtjes’ birthday in the Wijde Wormer. With Public Transport taxi at 9.15.Was there at 10.15 hour. Only two brothers; Jacob and Nico with there wives and a few children and grandchildren. Cosy!

Easter, 3th june. Sunday.
To church at half past ten with Buren. A church full of people. Wind and now and than rain. In the afternoon with public transport taxi to Uithoorn. At half past four I was in the Thamerchurch at the Amstel. Had a nice day and back home again with the taxi. It took 84 guilders and the tip...

Thursday 21st june.
Bet let I have my birthday! To Haarlem for for healthcontrole. Half past nine Corrie came to pick me up. Nice weather. At eleven we came at doctor Bernik. This is the case; I don’t get rid of the walking stick. What I have, I will kept! A pitty, but truth. Its being the muscles who makes the pain in my back. In about 4 years I may come back But I said today 84, thus than 88! Immediately he shook my hands and congratulated me. How nice. At half past twelve, we went again out of the hospital. In the centre, Schalkwijk, we enjoyed coffe with fruitcake. Corrie looked at everything.After that we went to Siem in Wormerveer. He is already 89 years old! Cosy with the three of us.

Friday, 10th August.
I would go with Trien to Bergen, but at 10 o’clock Truus called me, that it will not happen, because Trien did not felt well. Thus stayed at home. It was beautiful weather.

Saturday, 18th August.
With Simon to Wim and Elly. Celebrating their birthday. An outdoor event. Beautiful weather. Welcome from 4 till about nine. Half past nine at home. After came a thunderstorm, not too little! Rain, 38 millimetre! Having had enough water!