Weather/again is my mother

Comment by Ans Swart

My mother(1917 - 2001), born on a farm, knew a lot to tell about the weather. She was a walking forecast of the weather. In her last 5 life-years she wrote strictly every day. Nearly every day something about the weather. This data touched me and became immadiately my new inspirationsource after her dying.

Every painting is like a month of the year, 12 in total. Every month has its basic colour, wherein the days are filled in with the type of weather she wrote. A horizontal brushstroke means the weather was dry. Is the brush Vertical it means their was rainfall. A diagonal brush means storm or strong wind. The temperature, as far she mentioned is given in red frames and when it was colder in more white and blue tones.

All her other notations are incorperated in horizontal lines, which cross the days. The different colours means her visits or being visited, by or to her own family (dark-red), children (red), grandchildren (orange) and great-grandchildren (yellow), friends (purple), neighbours (brown), church (ochre), shopping (English red), housework and so on. The place where the line is put in the day means if it was a thought, a call or physical contact. In this way a timeless document of a lifetime appears, in which the season’s changes are read by the changing colours.